Taskforce RentSafe provides landlords and property managers a solution to complete their new obligation with the legislation changes that came into effect March 29 2021.

With recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act the changes that came into effect on March 29th of 2021. Mandatory electrical and gas safety checks will be required every two years with a report being produced containing the gas plumber and electricians licence details who conducted the tests

When complete both property manager and landlord are supplied with a PDF document with all details, readings and observations of the property to ensure you are aware of any potential safety issues.

The new regulation requires any smoke alarm batteries to be changed every 12 months. Our system will notify both the property manager and landlord at the time this is required. Once again to save time and this would be handled for $99 on years where the electrical and plumbing checks are not required.

Pay as You Go

Service MenuPre Pay (No Subscription)
Smoke Detector Check$99 (Yearly)
Electrical Safety (No Smoke)$265 (Every 2nd Year)
Electrical & Smoke Detector Safety$315 (Every 2nd Year)
Gas Safety$315 (Every 2nd Year) *Unlimited Items
Gas & Smoke Detector Safety$399 (Every 2nd Year) *Unlimited Items
Electrical & Gas Safety (No Smoke)$415 (Every 2nd Year) *Unlimited Items
Electrical, Gas & Smoke Safety$499 (Every 2nd Year) *Unlimited Items
Pool Fence Safety$270 (Every 4 years)
Rental Minimum Standards$149 (On tenancy change)
Prices quoted are excluding GST


Available through agencies only

Subscription TypeInitial Job2nd year +
Electrical and Smoke$315 (Elec+Smoke)
$189 (Smoke Only)
$189 pa
Electrical Gas and Smoke$499 (Elec+Gas+Smoke)
$249 (Smoke Only)
$249 pa
Prices quoted are excluding GST



Does Taskforce Australia charge extra for multiple gas appliances at a property?

No, the advertised price includes as many gas appliances as are at the property.

What will I be charged in year 2?

You are only charged for the specific safety check we have done for you. For example: Year 1, Gas, Electrical and Smoke safety $499+gst. Year 2, Smoke safety $99+gst. Year 3, (same as year 1)

What if my property needs some rectification work to be compliant?

If the rectification work requires parts less than $150+gst and takes less than 15 minutes to complete our trades will complete it whilst onsite. We only charge you the cost of the parts, labor is free. If your property requires larger compliance work that is not considered an immediate safety threat we will provide you a quote/estimate with the compliance report. (You can use Taskforce Australia or any licensed trade for the rectification work). If your property has a dangerous non compliance issue our RentSafe manager will call you while our trades are onsite to discuss next steps.

Do I get a discount for multiple properties?

We offer a 10% discount to Rental Providers that schedule 5 or more properties for RentSafe safety inspections with our Pay as you Go jobs.  For the cheapest solution you should consider the monthly subscription which is equates to $250 per year. The first visit will depend on the job type and whether it is a smoke alarm service or a full safety check.

Will you remind me next year when my property is due for its next check?

We certainly will, you will receive a reminder 1 month prior to the service expiry.

If I have questions can I speak to someone?

Sure can, feel free to call our friendly Melbourne based customer service team between 9am and 5pm on 1300818138

RentSafe Summary - Just to be clear.

RentSafe doesn’t charge any setup  or additional services fee (ever). We let your tenant choose a convenient date and time to come out and do all the compliance checks at the same time. We provide you a thorough compliance report that includes the attending trades license details and photos of appliances and tests. You only pay for the safety testing we are doing on that visit