Benefits for Agencies and Property

  • Integration with property management systems
  • Automated booking and scheduling system.
  • Bespoke dashboard and customer communication messaging.
  • Individual secure logins for your team.
  • Fully accredited trade technicians.
  • Single visit to complete multiple services is convenient for tenants.
  • Competitive rates and no subscriptions save owners money.
  • Detailed compliance reports are provided within 24 hours of inspection.
  • Rectification work quotes are sent for all non compliant properties.
  • Onsite repairs are automatically done for small non compliant items.
  • Automatic future job alerts, creation and scheduling.
  • Easy payment from next rent.

Pay As You Go

Service MenuCost
(No Subscription)
Smoke Detector Check$99 (Yearly)
Electrical Compliance (No Smoke)$265 (Every 2nd Year)
Electrical & Smoke Detector Compliance$315 (Every 2nd Year)
Gas Compliance$315 (Every 2nd Year) *Unlimited Items
Gas & Smoke Detector Compliance$399 (Every 2nd Year) *Unlimited Items
Electrical & Gas Compliance (No Smoke)$415 (Every 2nd Year) *Unlimited Items
Electrical, Gas & Smoke Compliance$499 (Every 2nd Year) *Unlimited Items
Pool Safety Inspection (Fence Safety)$270 (Every 4th Year)
Rental Minimum Standards$149 (Tenancy Change)
Prices Quoted are excluding GST


Service MenuFirst YearSecond Year +
Electrical & Smoke Detector Compliance$315 (ES)
$189 (Smoke)
Electrical, Gas & Smoke Compliance$499 (EGS)
$249 (Smoke)
Prices Quoted are excluding GST


RentSafe Simplicity is Key


Will the RentSafe dashboard integrate with my current property management system?

Yes we have API’s and can connect to your current property management system.

Will the RentSafe team complete all compliance checks in a single visit?

Yes, our technicians work as a team ensuring we minimize any disruption to the tenants.

What is the procedure if a property is found to be non compliant?

We have three procedures depending on the level of urgency and threat of the non compliance issue.

This is the highest level of urgency and is put into effect when we find something like a gas or carbon monoxide leak or any other problem that requires either the electrical or gas to be turned off or an appliance capped off. In this situation the property manager will be contacted by our compliance manager immediately via phone where an approved action plan will be agreed upon and initiated.

Is initiated when there is a clear fault that needs to be rectified as a priority at the earliest possible opportunity. Upon completion of the compliance inspection the property manager will receive the compliance report outline the non compliant aspects of the property. Along with that report the property manager will receive a quote from Taskforce Australia to rectify the aforementioned issues at the property, this is provided to give the property manager and the owner an indication of cost. All issues should be rectified at the property within 5 working days from the compliance report date of issue. If rectification work is completed by Taskforce Australia we can amend the compliance report and re issue as a complaint. (You are not obliged to use Taskforce Australia for rectification) If you use a 3rd party provider for rectification works you must retain the paperwork that clearly states the works that were done. This needs to clearly refer to the non compliant issues that are in the compliance report.

This is where there are small items that can be quickly fixed by the attending technicians. We provide this service to reduce the expense to the owner and inconvenience to the tenant. Any items that total less than $150 in parts and/or 15 minutes labor will be replaced automatically free of labor charges. The compliance report will clearly show before and after photos of the replaced items and the bill will itemize the parts used.

What are the payment terms for RentSafe services

We will issue an invoice to the managing rental agency on the date of the compliance inspection. We understand that the easiest method of payment is when the next rental payment is received so we provide up to 28 days payment terms.

Notification of the next upcoming inspection.

You will be automatically notified when a property is due for its next compliance inspection. You don’t need to do anything unless you wish to use another service provider to undertake this. Our system will notify the tenant, get a booking date and provide you the completed compliance report.

What does it cost to use RentSafe?

The only cost is the advertised price of the compliance service we provide. We don’t charge:

  • Account establishment charges
  • Subscription charges
  • ‘Top Up’ fees

Simply we charge for the service we are providing at that time, for example:

  • Year 1- Electrical and Smoke Detector Compliance $315+gst
  • Year 2 – Smoke Detector Compliance $99+gst
  • Year 3 – Electrical and Smoke Detector Compliance $315+gst
Do I need to bring our entire rent roll over to use RentSafe?

No, we have no minimum requirements. We will set you up with your personalized RentSafe dashboard at no charge and you can start using us when and where it works best for your business and clients. We believe that if we are doing a great job then you introduce us to more of your clients.

What customer service support is provided?

Our customer service team is based in Burnley, Melbourne and are available 5 days a week to answer any questions or help with booking details and changes. Your account manager is available to assist with all other questions you have.